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At the Rainbow Bridge

Shelties Who are Gone but Never Forgotten

Mia - The Rainbow Bridge welcomed a special angel today. Mia has been our spunkly little Angel for over 7 years, thru that time she has shown the true sheltie spirit running, barking and playing with a twisted spine. The twist from spondylosis never slowed her down, she mostly ran on 3 legs. Last week she had some ups and downs. The vets at Griffith Small Animal Hospital and AVES Emergency Services have worked very hard to help her overcome digestion problems, a prolapsed anus, pancreatitis and pneumonia. She would rally but then crash again. This afternoon Sandra Sunday Mccutcheon, steadfast foster mom, and I agreed that it was time to let her go. Mia is now free to run on all fours, to bark at anything she wants, and play with the Poms and Kelly the Collie once again.

Sweetpea - Sweet Pea was a sweetie. She tried to please me every chance she got. When I wanted to take a nap, she would too. When I was on the couch she would jump up on the couch for some cuddling. Sweet Pea would only bark at her boyfriends (she had two) and played (or tried to play) with them. Sweet Pea loved to play with squeaky toys, would fetch them when I threw them, but only bring them half way back. She loved to take walks and would stop to smell other dogs markings along the way.On Saturday night, after the walk, she started to eat dinner and her rear legs gave out. Her rear legs were getting weaker the past year or so. Her age was catching up to her (bad cataracts, mostly deaf, and this problem). She appeared to have given up; like she was telling me it was time. She appeared not to be in any pain, so was I able to spend some extra time comforting her. Sadly, on Monday (September 20, 2021) morning I had to let her go, Sweet Pea is now at the Rainbow Bridge. Sweet Pea will be greatly missed; she was such a good sweet girl.

Jocee - Jocee is a 13 year old senior sheltie we received when her owner was moving into assisted living. Jocee is a larger sheltie, 17 inches tall and around 36 pounds. She is spayed, up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. Jocee has always been an only dog but gets along with other dogs. Jocee loves the great outdoors, loves walks, and staying inside in the Texas heat.

Macha – Macha is a spayed Sheltie mix, probably a bit of Husky but without the bark and talkativeness Huskies are known for. She is 10 years old, about 17 inches tall and weighs 37 pounds. Macha is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. She is house trained and leash trained but not real thrilled with crates. She gets along well with the current resident dogs and loves to be petted and cuddled. Macha has some skin issues that may be caused by thyroid problems so we have her on thyroid medication. The hair is growing back in the shaded areas on her back but there are no hair follicles in the very light areas. She is anemic but it is like her body has learned to deal with it, she doesn�t appear to be making red blood cells. But even tho she is anemic she has energy, loves to encourage the other dogs to play and walks proudly around the yard. Macha has a tumor on her throat that appears to be slow growing, it does not get in the way of anything, she eats and rinks just fine. Her bark is a bit muffled but it is seldom that she barks. Macha is spunky, ever so sweet and gets along great with others. She is a love bug.

Wallie –We got a call from the San Antonio shelter requesting our help with a very senior little stray they received. They were calling her Walter due to 2 lipomas in her groin area. Our vet confirmed she is a spayed female. Ms Wallie is probably 13 or 14 years old and only weighed around 13 pounds at intake. She has terrible teeth, very limited vision, arthritis, high heartworm positive, very anemic and her liver values were highly elevated. She immediately started feeling better after a bath and thorough brushing�she loved the attention. She is improving in foster care, her tale wags and she loves attention. And foster mom happily reports that Miss Wallie has been known to bark.

Wolfie –Wolfie is an owner surrender due to the health status of members of the family. He is 14 years old, neutered, and an adorable, laid back blue merle sheltie. Wolfie is about 14 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds. He is up to date on all of his vaccination, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. He is house trained and leash trained. He gets along well with the resident dogs at his foster home and enjoys being petted and brushed.

Mack –Mack is an owner surrender due to owners health situation. He is a very senior sheltie, about 15 years old, with a sweet attitude. He is about 15 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. He is neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. Mack is very friendly, gets along well with other dogs, and likes to be close to his people. Mack is having some housetraining issues, we�ve done a variety of tests and there are no health reasons. It is probably due to his advancing age but belly bands are his savior.

Robin - Robin also came from a North Texas Shelter and was shaved down before coming into rescue. His coat is growing in and it is looking great. He is between 6 and 8 years old and is a good weight. He is neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. He seems to be a mellow fellow and he walks well on a leash. Robin is dealing with some arthritis which sometimes makes it difficult for him to get and start moving. He is currently on medication which is helping him move easier. Robin is housetrained, loves cuddles and tons of attention, particularly petting.

UPDATE: Robin developed a fast growing tumor on his nose. He enjoyed life, love, and affection until it was his time.

Jackie - Jackie is an owner surrender due to health problems.  Jackie is around 12 years old and is spayed, up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive.  She has recently had a dental Jackie is a loveable girl that is what we call a Velcro dog, she loves to be with her person, will follow them from room to room and lay down right in front of their feet.  Jackie is house trained and crate trained but prefers to sleep close to her person.  She may have some hearing issues.

UPDATE - We have determined through researching Jackie's history that she is closer to 5 or 6 than she is 12. We found this information by tracking back on the history of her microchip and where she had it implanted. She also has the energy level of a much younger dog. Jackie is currently on a special diet for kidney failure. We tried her on the new food for a month and retested her, she will continue on this diet for another few months in hopes that things will turn around.

UPDATE II - Jackie has developed high blood pressure due to the issues with her kidneys and her arthritis. She is currently on medications for the arthritis and blood pressure, to help her stand and move around and to help reduce her blood pressure. So far this is working in her favor.

Howdy - Howdy was a stray and his family never came for him. He is about 10 or 11 years old, up to date on all of his vaccinations, neutered, and micro-chipped. When we tested Howdy for heartworms, we found that he is high heartworm positive and that he will have to go thru treatment, so sad since preventive is really inexpensive next to the cost of the treatment. Howdy is 16 inches tall and weighs 38 pounds, he needs to lose a few. Howdy is a true Texan, very friendly and he greets you with a paw (handshake).

Cindy 2 - "Cindy Loper"- Cindy came to us from the Williamson County Shelter. It appears she may have been neglected but is on the road to a better life. Cindy is around 16 inches tall and may be between 8 and 10 years old. She is now up to date on all vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive.

Update on Jan 2018: When Cindy came into our rescue program six months ago, she looked and felt awful because both ears were infected, she had a fungal infection on her skin, and she had kennel cough. She has gotten over all these issues and her overall appearance is much better now that she is healthier. Since she feels better, she is more active and we do think her age is between 8-10 years, as estimated when she came into our program. While undergoing a dental cleaning, our vet suspected that Cindy might have a heart problem. A specialist examined her and determined Cindy has a condition called Atrioventricular block (AV block) which can affect the electrical impulses/rhythm of her heart. We were told this condition would either get worse with time or would stay the same. So far, we have not seen any change in her normal behavior.

Cindy has an extremely sweet and happy personality. She is her foster mom's shadow and wants to be close to her all the time. She loves attention and likes to be petted. She is housebroken and has good house manners. When it's time to eat, she gets extremely excited and 'lopes' to the kitchen while nipping on her foster mom's hand. Thus, her nickname...."Cindy Loper"! She loves to go on walks. She gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. She is almost deaf; however, she can hear loud noises. This sweet and happy girl has a beautiful spirit and would make a wonderful companion for a very lucky person!

Cindy passed away on February 11, 2019 after suffering a cardio-pulmonary arrest. This sweet girl brought much joy and laughter to her foster family and will be dearly missed.

Jazmin - Jazmin was adopted in 2013 after being surrendered by her family. Jazmin, loved catching toys mid-air, herding chickens and chasing water from the water hose. She was always so happy when we got home and loved to snuggle with her humans on the couch and bed. There are no words for how much we will miss her. On January 19th, 2019 Jazmine passed peacefully in her sleep just shy of her 14th birthday. We know she was surrounded by the love of shelties at the rainbow bridge.

Loki 2 - Loki 2 is an owner surrender due to many changes in his family and they felt he needs a more stable life style. Loki is 10 years old and overweight at 65 pounds, he only stands about 16 inches tall. Loki is neutered and is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention. Loki has excellent house manners, is housetrained and crate trained. Loki has a thyroid issue that is easily corrected with inexpensive medication. Loki will be working hard to get rid of around 30 to 35 pounds by eating low calorie food, green beans and slow and gentle exercise. He also is showing signs of arthritis because of the weight issue so he is on regular anti-inflammatories. Loki is very mild mannered and he gets along with small children and other dogs. He also walks well on a leash. Watch for regular pupdates on his weight loss efforts.

Agnes - Agnes is a 15 year old senior girl from out of town. She is a sheltie mixed with border collie, stands about 14 inches tall and weighs around 30 pounds. Her owner passed away and the family could not provide for her. She is up to date on all vaccinations, has recently had a dental, is heartworm negative, on heartworm preventive, and spayed. Agnes is starting to lose her vision because of cataracts but it does not slow her down at all, she is quite spry and agile She jumps up on the bed at bedtime and jumps out of vehicles without a problem. Agnes loves to run and play in the backyard and take walks. Agnes is house trained, leash trained and gets along great with other dogs.

Buffy - Buffy is a 13 year old owner surrender because her health care has become too much for her senior citizen owner. Buffy has a variety of allergies that require medication and frequent baths. Buffy is a darling sable and white sheltie. She weighs 28 pounds and is 14 inches tall. She is house trained, gets along very well with other dogs and cats. She is very quiet but loves attention. She walks well on a leash

Sophie - Sophie was adopted last year and has come back into the program. Sophie likes to bark, after all she is a sheltie, and it just didn�t work out for her family. Sophie also gained about 10 pounds during this time. Sophie is 6 years old, will be 7 in November, 2017. Sophie is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. Sophie has a beautiful strawberry sable coat and lovely tipped ears. She currently weighs around 32 pounds and should be closer to 20 pounds, we have her on a low calorie diet and takes daily walks. Sophie gets along well with other dogs and older children.

Travis - Travis is a 10 year old owner surrender.  He is 10 years old, neutered, up to date on all his vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive.  He has had a recent dental and lost many of his molars but that doesn’t stop him from eating or enjoying life.  Travis is house trained, leash trained and knows several tricks.  He is very well mannered and loves to take morning walks, he bounces around when it’s his turn but waits patiently for the leash to be attached to his collar.  He likes to stop and visit with other dogs on the walks and is not bothered by the traffic or bicycles.  Travis enjoys the company of small children.  Travis had some skin issues when he came in to rescue and may require a simple medication and particular diet to keep the skin condition in check.  He also will need regular bathing with special shampoo.  He loves baths and is very patient with the whole procedure. 

Cassie – Cassie came to us several months ago from the local shelter.  She had been picked up as a stray several times and we were asked to take her after the last trip.  Cassie is about 11 years old, a bit overweight, up to date on all vaccination, heartworm negative, and on heartworm preventative.  She is about 17 inches tall and weighs around 65 pounds, she has a low thyroid and takes an inexpensive medication twice a day for this condition.  Cassie is a super sweet sheltie mix who is just looking for a quiet place to stay and enjoy life, she gets along well with other dogs and is happy living in a pack.

My ASR foster dog Cassie has passed to the rainbow bridge. I am one of the “Old Dog” ASR foster houses and I have had my share of old ASR dogs come through my front door over the years. Every ASR foster dog has done the same thing, as soon as I let them off leash, they run to find the best hiding spot in the house, only to come out for food, and eventually they join the other ASR dogs in my house. Cassie came through my front door, looked around, saw the black leather couch, jumped up and promptly took a nap, no hiding for Cassie, Cassie was home. Cassie was a creature of comfort, she always had the best spot to take a nap, was the first dog sticking her head in the bed to announce its breakfast time, and was very thoughtful to check all the other dog food bowls to make sure they were clean. Cassie has been struggling for weeks to lift herself to walk with her bad hips, and the vet thinks this finally resulted in a heart attack. So Cassie is at the rainbow bridge with the other ASR dogs, hopefully on a black leather couch taking a long overdue nap with no pain. Thank you ASR for letting me share my life with Cassie..

Dottie – Dottie was a 13 year old female sheltie that was found on the side of a very busy highway in San Antonio. The finder tried to find the owner but was unsuccessful and asked us to take her. Dottie was a small girl with a sassy attitude, house trained and walked well on a leash. Dottie got along with other dogs and loved to snuggle.

Dottie, sweet Dottie left us on June 30,2017 with Beth holding her close. Dottie was a survivor, she was found wandering the streets of San Antonio in September 2016 and when she came in we were guessing she was around 13 years old...maybe older. She had her issues but she was strong and determined. This past week her age caught up with her and she started having seizures, each one worse than the one before. It was hard to believe she could pull out of them but she did, and acted like nothing had happened. Friday, they were coming one after another and we decided she had fought the good fight and it was time to let her run free and easy at the Bridge. Thank you Beth for the love and care you have given this sweet determined gal, she loved you for it. It's not easy to love the seniors but it means so much to them.


Buddy – Buddy came to us from the shelter in Williamson county. He was a little mix of sheltie and possibly springer spaniel. Buddy got along well with everyone except for kittens. He came into the program originally in 2010 and was later adopted by a senior citizen. Buddy was her trusted companion for several years until her living situation changed and Buddy could not go along. He came back to us in 2013 and became a loving permanent foster dog. He was loved and cared for by his foster parents until April of 2017. Buddy went to sleep on his rug in the kitchen and quietly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Buddy was a sweet, easy to get along with fellow that will be missed by his foster family.


Lucky – Lucky was a sable merle owner surrender from the hill country. His owner had lost her husband and was having to move into an apartment in another state and could not take Lucky with her. Lucky was a larger than normal sheltie and many apartment complexes prefer only smaller dogs. Lucky loved to take walks, He got along well with other dogs and had given up his bed to Edward the resident cat, his new best friend. When Lucky visited our vet, they found a tumor in his colon area. He underwent surgery to have the tumor removed. During the recovery Lucky�s bladder burst and had to be quickly repaired. Lucky crossed the Rainbow Bridge 4/10/17 with his foster parents of 2 years letting him know he was loved and would be missed. Lucky had been doing well until a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday he made his final trip to the vet. His foster mom says they will miss this sweet, smart, beautiful fellow. He got along with everyone, even gave up his beloved bed to Edward the cat. Lucky, we will miss you.


Prince – Prince came to us when he was 10 yrs old from a Nacogdoches animal shelter where he was surrendered after his owner passed away. He was a sable & white male sheltie and in relatively good health when he entered our rescue group.

Prince had a 'special' personality and after a few years, we decided since he was older, settled and content in his foster home, that it would be in his best interests to make him a "permanent" foster dog. He enjoyed the company of his foster family and the other shelties in the home. Everyone who met him thought he was a "puppy" because of his beautiful face and perfectly tipped ears. His very favorite things to do were to rub his face on the furry toilet cover and to bark at the golfers when he went outside.

Prince passed away on Feb 14, 2017 at the age of 16. He will be missed by his foster family and all who knew him.

Lassie - Lassie and April came to us after their owner passed away, he had included the request in his will. Lassie is a 12 year old (born 3/1/2004) sable and white sheltie. She is spayed, up to date on all vaccinations, has recently had a dental, is heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. Lassie is 16 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds, she will begin working on losing about 10 pounds which will help reduce the possibility of arthritis. Lassie lived inside until her owner passed away and is housetrained. Her coat will need a bit of TLC but with time will come back to beautiful. More as we get to know this sweet senior lady.

Lassie developed a fibrosarcoma on her jaw and it was determined that to try to remove the growth would require removing most of her jaw and possibly part of her skull. We decided against removal and decided to let her have as much love and snuggling as she wants for whatever time she has left.

Shadow 4 – Shadow and Misty came to us from a local shelter after they had been surrendered. Their owner was moving in with family and there just wasn�t room for the 2 additional dogs. Shadow is a sable and white, neutered male. He is around 13 years old�but don�t tell him that cause he acts more like he is 8 or 9. He is up to date on all of his vaccinations, heartworm negative, on heartworm preventative and house trained. He is very bonded to Misty

Shadow spent several years in rescue and soon after he turned 16 he started having severe health problems. His foster Dad worked with him thru his episodes and finally he let us know that it was time to go be with Misty. Shadow was a trooper and he let everyone know just how much he loved them but also just how determined he could be.

Cassander -Cassander aka Kernal Sanders aka Bubba crossed the Bridge 9/16/2016.  Bubba came to us about a year ago. He was 14 at the time and his owner had surrendered him to the San Antonio Animal Shelter. We pulled him and Andrea and Dan Ten Eyck have been fostering him, loving him, and giving him a safe home. The last few weeks have been tough on him. His legs were giving out, he had difficulty getting up, trouble walking, and difficulty getting outside. His energy level was really low and he would pace till he wore himself out. Our thanks to Andrea and Dan for all they did for him. He really was a handsome fellow. Goodbye Bubba.

Marcus came to us in 2006 and was adopted in 2007. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2016. His adopter had this to say �My sweet Marcus left this world today. His struggles are over, and he is running pain-free. I will miss his clownishness, his ability to tell time (It�s time to eat, It�s time to walk) and his sweet and loving nature. Thank you so much for letting me love him these past nine years� Marcus will be missed, he was a special fellow.

Annie –Annie came to us in October of 2012 and left us May 1, 2016. She had been found wandering in San Antonio in 2012. The finder kept her for a while hoping to find the owner before she released her to rescue. Annie had a list of medical issues; thyroid, heartworms, bladder cancer, spondylosis, and later high blood pressure. She fought through the heartworms and was successfully treated, she fought through the bladder cancer and overcame it, the spondylosis stayed with her but she stood up to it and the high blood pressure just slowed her down a bit. She loved to run and frolic with the resident shelties and until the last few months climbed the stairs every night to sleep with her foster family, after that the family carried her to her special place. Annie was a special girl that will be missed, she shared her loved and smiles with everyone she met. She had that true sheltie spirit.

In Memory of the Killer B's - These sweet dogs came to us at two different times in our lives. Mz B, on the right, came to us when we decided to foster in honor of the first female Sheltie we owned. After her passing, it just seemed fitting that we do something to remember the love she shared with us. Mz B came in the late spring of 2007. She had heartworms and had been found while eating out of dumpsters. Needless to say, she learned fairly quickly how to eat from a bowl. We got her through the terrible treatment and by the end of that time, we couldn�t bring ourselves to say goodbye. So, she became a Smith.

BeauBeau, on the left, came in the late spring a couple of years later. He was so very sick when he came to rescue. He had a tick borne illness that was trying desperately to take him. I went by the animal hospital every day on my way home from work and held him. I knew after the first time I�d stopped to see him that he needed lots of prayers and love to survive. So, I commenced to giving him the love and praying for him. I think he was in the hospital for about 4 weeks when he got the all-clear to go into foster. I stepped right up for him. He still needed lots of love and prayers because in addition to all of the other horrible health issues he�d had, he also had heartworms. We brought him home on July 3, 2009. We had to get him healthy before he could go back for heartworm treatment. By the end of the summer, he had gained enough strength to handle the treatment. He became a Smith in October, 2009.

These two were quite a pair. Though from completely different lots in life, they bonded as if they were littermates. When BeauBeau got sick and passed earlier this year, I worried about Mz B. She began to wander aimlessly, as though she was looking for him. Not three months after he left us, she left us as well. Our hearts were heavy this year with the loss of these two. They gave us so many laughs and even a few tears over the time we had with them. But they will never leave our hearts, they will forever be the Smith Killer B�s.

Loki - We recently said farewell to our dear Loki. He came to join our family in March 2007. Loki was truly a "cuddle bunny" and LOVED to play ball and tag with his buddy Kitsune ,( adopted from Houston Sheltie sanctuary in January 2007). He brought much joy to us and will be greatly missed! We will be forever grateful for the time we had with him. Loki lost his battle to cancer and crossed over on September 5, 2015.


Abigail – Abigail wound up in the San Antonio Animal Center through no fault of her own. When she came into rescue we saw the large knot/growth on her forehead. We did x-rays on her head and it was determined that the knot is a growth in her skull that may be cancerous. It caused severe drainage in her right eye and causes her eye to swell shut. We could not do much of anything about the knot so Abigail received all the love and attention she wanted along with a warm, soft bed, good food, and slow walks. Abigail was a sweet girl with very good manners and a loving heart.


Clay 2 – Clay was a stray and even though his pictures showed up all over Facebook, his family never came looking for him at the shelter. He is about 10 or 11, up to date on all vaccination, neutered and micro-chipped. His heartworm test came back as high positive. He also has a cough that was caused by the heartworms so we will be extra careful with him as we take him thru treatment. Clay is a sweet, friendly sheltie that stands about 16 inches tall and weighs about 36 pounds, he could lose a few pounds. The night he was rescued he gave his rescuer a great big smile letting her know how much he appreciated the safety of her house and the chance at a much better future.

Unfortunately, Clay passed away due to complications of heartworm disease after he had been treated and found his forever home. The damage that the heartworms had done was too much for his lungs and heart ot handle. Don't let this happen to your dogs. Please protect your dogs and give them monthly heartworm prevention and test yearly.

Lizzie 2 - Jeff and I said Farewell to Lizzie today as she rode off into the sunset to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Lizzie came into rescue just about a year ago, no hair, rotten teeth, very poor health and probably 15 or more years old. She had been through some really bad times...but that came to an end when she came into ASR and moved into our house and our hearts. I called her Jeff's little girlfriend because she took up with him immediately, when she wanted to go outside she would circle around in front of him. Come to think of it any time she wanted something she went to Jeff. She hasn't eaten well in the last week and yesterday she said NO MORE. She was so weak this morning her back legs could not hold her up. Lizzie was a strong gal who did NOT like big black dogs. They were the only things she would bark at...the Greater Swiss, the Bernese, the Doberman....all caught her wrath. Bless you Miss Lizzie Beth, you blessed us with your presence and showed us your determination.

Lizzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 1, 2014.

Olive – Olive was found as a stray and was released to us after her owner could not be located. She is a sable and white 11-year old female who is appx 15 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds. She probably needs to gain 5-6 pounds to be at her ideal weight. Olive came to us in very poor health with heartworms, some mammary tumors, ear and eye infections, severe dental tartar, and a couple of abscessed teeth. She has been spayed, brought up to date on all her vaccinations, and microchipped. She also had a dental and her abscessed teeth were removed. Also, her larger mammary tumors were removed and have been sent off for testing. Olive is a very sweet girl and follows her foster mom around the house. She gets along well with other dogs. Once Olive is in better health, she will be undergoing heartworm treatment. She will not be available for adoption until after September. Olive completed heartworm treatment but the damage done was too much for her body to handle. She crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on 10/11/2014 from congestion in her heart and lungs.

Daisy - From Daisy’s Furever Mom:   Daisy was a wonderful dog. She was an excellent ambassador for the residents of my apartment, loving people, children and the other dogs. She was featured on CNN for her weight loss and told our story too. She is missed very much. There is such a huge hole in my heart since I lost her. I am so glad I got to share my life with her.  Daisy was having multiple strokes and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March, 2014.

Misty - Misty came to us from the Lockhart shelter in February 2013 along with her lifelong mate Shadow.  After we had her in rescue for a while we found that she had bladder cancer.   Misty was loved and cared for by her foster dad and watched over by Shadow.  She took her last ride to the vet standing up and looking out the truck window, as if to take mental pictures knowing.  Misty crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 01/31/14 with her foster dad holding her tight.

Kristi - Kristi was a beautiful, loving, shy sheltie that only wanted to love and take care of her family.  She came to us as a stray, scared, shy, and very wary of everything and everyone.  With the help of her foster parents, new owners, and potato chips now and again, she blossomed into a loving dog true to her nature.  She was a blessing to everyone that knew her.  She will be missed by all; continued to be loved by all.  Thank you, Kristi, for all you have given us.

Sadie 3 - Sadie came to us as an owner surrender in June of 2013 .  She had a beautiful thick black coat, a super sweet disposition.  We noticed some health related problems and had our vets give her a thorough exam.  We discovered Sadie had bladder cancer.  She stayed with her foster mom and became a permanent foster under hospice care.  Sadie loved being with people and loved playing with the other dogs in the foster’s home.  Sadie left us on the first day of 2014 with her foster mom holding her close.


Molly 3 - Molly was rescued from TLAC, the Austin Animal Center, in October 2010.   She was 12 years old when she came to us, she had been surrendered to the shelter for euthanasia because she was 13 and had lumps all over her.  Molly stayed in our program for 3 years and passed gently to the Rainbow Bridge in May 2013.  She was a dear sweet girl that loved to play fetch and Frisbee with her foster dad.

Bandit - Adopted April 2005. Loved by the Cooksey Family.

Zippy – Zippy was an owner surrender to the Lockhart Animal Shelter.  Zippy loved to go places with his foster, loved riding in the truck, and frequented Home Depot and did clean-up work on the deck at Opal Divine’s.


Kozi –Kozi was dumped in a family’s yard out in the country. They kept her for a couple of weeks trying to find her home but were not successful so they contacted us. Kozi is a gentle 10 or 12 year old sable and white sheltie, she weighs 25 pounds and is about 14 inches tall. We are so sad to say that Kozi has bladder cancer that has spread to her lungs and to her bones. She is a quiet little girl that gets around but prefers to be left alone because of her discomfort. She enjoys her meals and frequent strolls outside and watches the goings on in her foster home from a corner or from her crate.

Kozi crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning (8/27/2012). She came to us from being left on the side of the road near Seguin. She had had many litters of puppies. X-rays showed she had tumors in her bladder, tumors in her lungs and her leg bones were easily twice normal size and feverish. So for the last 2 months she has found solace in my kitchen, eating what she wanted, doing what she wanted, taking long trips outside to enjoy the morning and evening air. This weekend her body let us know it was time. Thank you Kozi for coming into my life, enriching it with a will to go on, never complaining about what you had been thru or your pain.


Meggie was a beautiful blue maltese sheltie, imagine a dark steel blue. She came to ASR from a breeding farm out of state via a long transport. She was very shy, as many puppymill dogs are, but she loved mealtime and treats.  She was loved in her adoptive home and lived with five Sheltie siblings in Fredericksburg.

Duke– Duke came to us in December 2010 from TLAC, the Austin Animal Center. He had been picked up as a stray and his owners never came for him. Duke was a well-mannered older gentleman that was adopted, or rather he picked out his new family, in February 2011. Duke lived the high life with his new mom for over a year, a year full of love, good food, and wonderful care. Duke left this world and traveled to the Bridge on March 23, 2012.

Ricky - Ricky was adopted in February 2008. Although our time with him was short, Ricky filled our home with love and companionship. From his excitement in anticipation of a walk while we put our tennis shoes on to when we'd come home after being gone for a while he'd act as though he hadn't  seen us in years. We miss you terribly Ricky and we look forward to seeing you again at
the Rainbow Bridge. Ricky lost his hard fought battle with TCC (cancer) in March 2012.

Honey – Honey was found wondering the streets of San Antonio by a Good Samaritan in March of 2010.  She was infested with heartworms but was a loving and gentle girl.  She was also suffering from cognitive issues, would lose her way around the house and forget what she was doing.  But through all of her problems she remained a sweet and loving sheltie, true to her name.  Honey left us on May 2, 2012 and made her way to the Rainbow Bridge.

Mr. C - Mr. C or Mr. Cuddlesworth was a stray at the Williamson County Shelter when he was rescued in September 2011.  We gave him the name of Mr Cuddlesworth because he was such a loving and cuddling little fellow.  He spent his last few months loving and being loved by his foster mom until his heart and lungs gave out on him in March of 2012.

Sparky - Sparky came to us because his owner had to move into a nursing facility and was unable to take care of him. Sparky was 12 to 14 years old and loved to be snuggled and hugged.



Lance - Lance was a 9 year old sable and white, neutered male sheltie that came to us because his owner had to move into a medical facility. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer in January 2011.

Sadie - Sadie was a stray picked up by TLAC, the Austin Animal Center, in March 2008.  Sadie was a beautiful 4 year old sable merle.  Sadie was adopted by her loving family shortly after she came in to rescue.  Her family said she was the perfect dog, very special, extremely gifted, and wonderful companion to her furbrother Lukkie.  Sadie passed to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2011.

Dixie - Dixie was turned over to rescue because of a family situation she had no control over.  Dixie was 12 years old, sable and white, and enjoyed being close to her human. Dixie loved lying with her back legs spread out it was her favorite position.  Dixie was an owner surrender in September 2009 and was blessed with a saint for a foster dad.  He was with her when she made her trip to the Rainbow Bridge on 10-24-2011.

Clay - was left by his owners at the local shelter because of a move. Clay was 12 years old and full of love and happiness. He greeted his rescuer with a smile on his face and a happy tail. Clay loved everyone; children, cats, and other dogs. Clay came in to rescue in February 2007. He was a permanent foster who enjoyed running and playing with his best friends until his passing to the Bridge on November 23, 2011.

Pounce was left at the local shelter with a note that they didn't have enough time for him anymore. Pounce is almost 11 years old and is a sweet fellow, a love sponge. He is neutered, weighs 22 pounds, is up to date on all vax, HW negative and on HW preventative. Pounce may have a little arthritis, he will be assessed while in foster care. He was adopted into a loving home in 2008.

Bear (was Otto) - Bear was a loveable sheltie with a gorgeous sable coat and impeccable manners. He was a polite 13 year old gentleman that gets along great with other dogs as well as cats. He also loved children and hanging out on the couch with you.

Indy - was picked up as a stray and taken to the local shelter. He was so frightened that he didn't move for a day or two but then began taking treats from one of our rescuers.  When the rescuer picked him up from the shelter, he was even more frightened by all the goings on and he panicked. Poor Indy was so matted that we thought he was a she (how embarassing) until the groomer went to work. Well, he's been shaved, gotten up to date on all of his vaccinations, shown to be heartworm negative, been neutered and has had a dental.  Indy is looking for a new home. He's a little timid at first but is a silly little fellow that loves to go for rides in the car, visit stores where dogs are allowed and will do a couple of tricks.   Indy also likes to take walks on a leash and is very courteous to others that he meets.   Indy is about 7 years old, 12 inches tall and weighs 15 pounds.  It's hard to tell right now but Indy is a tri and his coat is growing really fast. Take a look at the picture of Indy when he was at the shelter, see below for links.

UPDATE We found that Indy is a sweet, silly fellow with some very unusual quirks. He loves to take walks and he does well on a leash as long as he is on the right side. He gets along well with other dogs but does not like to play or interact with the other dogs. He only allows petting or stroking on his terms. Indy is learning to trust the humans to have a gentle hand, and he is learning to be gentle with human hands. Indy has learned several tricks; like Sit, Down, Gimme 5/Shake. Indy is mostly housebroken on tile or wood floors, he will tell you when he needs to go outside. He does not like crates if the doors are closed.

MEMORIES  The last year or so of his life Indy became Snoopy’s Wingman, a Biter Pilot.  This was one of the personas Jeff, his foster dad, created for him.  He flew missions in a spad,  drank champagne with Snoopy, his motto was Bite the Bosch and checked the driveway and weather every morning before take-off.  On August 14th, 2010,  over 3 years after coming in to rescue, Indy was awarded his permanent wings.  He will always be Snoopy’s Wingman and our little clown.  Good Bye silly boy, you’ve given us lots of laughs…and we have given you so much love.  He came in to rescue in January of 2007 and he’s been in our home since….Jeff nor I would have let him go.  Can’t say he was a snuggler, can’t say he was a kisser, can say he wanted to be a phlebotomist, can say he was silly, can say we loved him.

Fly away Indy…watch over us.

Goldie - Goldie was a stray in nearby Harker Heights, a young dog with a beautiful gold and white sable coat. Goldie was a happy girl that always had a smile on her face.

Chappy - Chappy was a stray that was picked up by our local animal shelter. He was a 12 year old tri, black, brown and white, neutered, male sheltie that was very happy to be out of the shelter. Sadly, during a routine dental cleaning, Chappy passed away.

Sonny - Sonny (used to be Honey) was turned over to our group after his owner passed away.  He loved his humans and followed them from room to room, he got along great with the resident shelties and his foster mom declared him a real sweetheart. Sadly, Sonny passed away from a serious prostate tumor, keeping his spirits good until his final moments.

Bo - Bo was turned in to TLAC because his owner passed away. Bo was 14 years old, heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccinations. Bo was a fine older gentleman that smiled at everyone and gave wonderful snuggles.

Shadow 2- Shadow and Duchess were Owner Surrenders because of a family life style change. Shadow is a 7 year old tri (black, white and sable) male. Shadow weighs 19 pounds and stands about 14 inches tall. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. Shadow is also heartworm positive. Shadow is a calm gentle sheltie that follows his foster mom all around the house.

Sadly, Shadow lost his battle with heartworm disease in October 2009. For your animals' sakes and for dear Shadow's, please see your vet about heartworm preventive for your dogs and cats. A simple, inexpensive, monthly dose is all it takes to prevent this terrible and devastating disease.

Simon was found wondering in a neighborhood in North Austin. His finder posted signs but no one ever called to claim him. Simon was a real snuggler, when the rescuer took him to the vet he promptly jumped into her lap and made himself comfortable, always loving to cuddle.

Adopted June 2006

Our search for the perfect pet started with Austin Sheltie Rescue and ended at the Houston Sheltie Rescue about 3 years ago.  Our “Happy” (formerly Pappy) had fled New Orleans just ahead of Hurricane Katrina and upon the family’s return – they discovered they had no home.  Their pets went into shelters. 

Happy’s time with us was way too brief but oh, the joy he brought to our lives!  His loyalty, attention, obedience and manners made him the perfect companion.  He was always anxious to please and so loved to play with his Frisbee.  Our hearts are heavy and we know he cannot be replaced.  We will cherish our many fond memories of “Happy” times.  Thank you, Sheltie Rescue, for all you do for these wonderful companions.

In fond memory of Happy,                                                         

Mike & Nancy Porche
Round Rock, TX

Lacy - Lacy came into the program from TLAC. Found as a stray, unfortunately, no family came looking for her. Lacy was 12 years old, and was very friendly and dignified. She liked all people, and was amazingly spry for her years. Even with some health and vision problems, she blended well with the others in her foster home. Three other dogs and a somewhat grumpy cat seemed to accept her on her own merit. She had Mom and, especially Dad, by the heart in no time at all.

Lacy did appear to have been an outside girl and had been limited in her experiences with people. “Treat” became something she understood and enjoyed very quickly. She certainly came around to being petted and enjoying the company of people that loved her. She gave back in a big way.

Lacy was a tremendous ambassador for ASR. At one of the gift wrap functions, she was the absolute star of the show for a group of young girls that just kept coming back over and over to see and pet her. As we left that evening, they were even telling her goodbye and “Merry Christmas”. Man, she was happy. One imagines that might have been her best day ever. Only a few days after that very happy day, she crossed over the bridge. As though she was moving on again, like she had maybe done all of her life, she also did this with grace and dignity on her own terms.  

Lacy, thank you for everything.  Our time was too short. Godspeed, sweet baby.
Your Foster Family,
 Mom and Dad, Pop, Mz. B, Doo, and Pig.

Missy- In Sept 2004, a small sheltie was found on Lake Travis in a cove out in the middle of nowhere. The boater that found her brought her to PAWS in Lago Vista. The Houston Sheltie Rescue group was notified and agreed to pick her up in a couple of days.

Since the sheltie was in heat, she was taken to a foster home of two wonderful ladies, Jean and Cheink, who had about 7 other dogs (some fosters and some of their own). Linda, a good friend, was in AZ on vacation and just happened to call these ladies. When they mentioned they were fostering a sweet sheltie girl, she immediately called me with the news. We had 2 shelties at that time and we were not looking for a 3rd. I thought about it and finally broke down and called Jean the next afternoon. She invited me to come over and meet this sweet girl. Well, needless to say, it was love at first sight......even though Missy did not look very pretty then. But I immediately fell in love with her face and her disposition. She was not at all phased by running around the yard with all the other dogs....she acted like she'd been there forever. Linda was immediately dubbed as Missy's "godmother" since she had brought us together.

Missy finally came home after taking a detour to Houston to get spayed. On her first visit to our vet, my vet decided that she felt something on the floor of her rectum that was not normal. It was soon determined that Missy had terminal cancer and because of the location of the cancer (between the wall of the bladder and colon), she could not be operated on and radiation would do more damage than good. We were told she had one year to live.

It broke our hearts to hear that we would only have this wonderful sweet girl, who was appx 8 yrs old, for one year. But we decided there was a special reason she had come into our home and hearts. In Aug, 2005, while vacationing in Colorado, we took Missy to an oncologist at the Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado. She verified the diagnosis and said Missy was a good candidate for Piroxicam. However, even with the Piroxicam, she felt Missy probably only had a year to live.

Missy passed her first year milestone and I kept telling my husband Tom that I would be so happy if Missy could be with us for 2 years....but I knew that would probably not happen.

In the meantime, Missy developed other health problems..........a heart murmur, bladder and kidney stones, a tumor on her rectum, and gall bladder sludge. If you ever met Missy, you would have never guessed that she had all these health issues. She had turned into a gorgeous dog with a really beautiful healthy coat. And she was such a happy little girl. Even with the new health issues, Missy passed her second year milestone.

In March 2007, Tom (a non-smoker) was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We went through a very difficult month of endless tests, emergency trips to the hospital, and chemo and radiation treatments. Tom spent alot of time in bed because he was just exhausted and in much pain. Missy was always in bed with him providing him with much comfort and love. Tom and Missy now had something else in common besides their heart problems, they both had cancer.

In March 2008, Missy's heart murmur got a little worse...........but she also got very nauseated. She quit eating and couldn't keep any liquids down. She deteriorated a little each day and I knew my happy little girl was not going to bounce back. Missy's godmother Linda drove us to the vet and Missy was finally at peace.

Missy had fulfilled her mission at our home. She was there to provide much comfort to Tom when he needed it the most. And after Tom passed away, she was there to comfort me and help me get through the first year of my terrible loss.

Missy passed away on April 3rd, a week short of Tom's one year anniversary. She was in our home for 3 1/2 years and far exceeded everyone's expectations of how long she would live. She brought alot of happiness to us and she was so special because we knew she was only here for a short visit. But she knew that her job was done and she needed to get back to her dad. It gave me much comfort to know that Tom was waiting to help his little Missy cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was his favorite I know how happy they are to be together again.

Even though I have 2 other shelties, my house seems very quiet tonight. And that's so weird because Missy was the quiet one. I never realized that such a small dog could have such a BIG presence and leave such an impression on my heart.

Lucky- Lucky was found as a stray wandering around an elementary school in Bastrop. She was over 14 years old when she was rescued, and she had a few problems as any senior lady would have. She was a small sheltie, only about 17 pounds but she had her hearing and her sight and was a very happy little girl who liked to take short walks.

Lucky was a spunky lady that loved to be touched and petted. She was quirky and funny. She would hop across the lawn to catch up with her foster, just to be near, and just in case a pat came her way.

Thank you Larry for all the love and the happy home you gave Lucky.

Hank - Sunne told me that rescue had sweet older male dog with health issues that was in need of a foster. Hank only stayed with us for the weekend because I didn’t think I could provide him the special attention he deserved. I couldn’t get him out of my thoughts and by the next weekend he was part of the family and shortly thereafter ruling the house. You see, anyone that met Hank instantly fell in love with him. He especially had all the girls wrapped around his little paw. Regardless of his health problems nothing kept Hank down. For one so fragile he continually surprised me with is perseverance. This precious guy would just limp along and be totally content enjoying the moment. Thanks to ASR and the human orthopedist for fixing this sweet boy's leg so he could get around. Hank was very special and much loved.

Thank you for being a part of lives. Your Foster Mom, Bandit and Maverick.


Sweet Miss Callie.  She came to us in May of 2006 with a list of problems; bad teeth, a bladder full of stones, so many that she could only hold about a tablespoon of urine, and digestive problems.   Liz took her into foster care and working with Dr. Culp gave her special diets, lots of love, and lots of care and brought her back to a semblance of health.  Callie has had the joy of playing with Daisy, Liz's resident sheltie, taking short walks with Liz, enjoying the wind in her coat and love all around her.  During the last few months her heart has been giving her problems.  Callie's heart started failing and fluid started building in her lungs and around her heart to the point she was drowning.  The EC doctors did what they could.  We gave her peace and we know that Callie is waiting for her rescuer/foster/ forever friend, Liz, at the Bridge.  Say a little prayer for this sweet girl and watch for her star tonight, she will be the brightest one.
Thank you Liz for all that you did for this sweet sheltie.

McGee McGee was a rescued sheltie that came to Austin Sheltie Rescue as a stray. He was found in Georgetown, wandering down IH 35 with wire tanlged in his coat. McGee had heartworms and probably many other unknown problems. He was such a sweet and gentle fellow and it was hard to imagine that no one had cared enough to take care of him. McGee started the heartworm treatment and was on his way to good health and a happy foster home. But his body couldn't stand up to everything going on and after a week he let us know it was time to cross. He knew love those last 2 weeks, and I pray that ours wasn't the only love he knew in his life. Run Free McGee, you were loved.

Tragically, sweet McGee died from a very preventable disease. Please give your dogs their montly heartworm preventive for their continued good health and to honor McGee's memory.


Franklin was found wandering the streets of Georgetown this past February. He spent several days in the Georgetown shelter waiting for his family but no one came. They contacted Austin Sheltie Rescue to see if we had a place for this dear gentledog. Karen, a really special lady with a big heart for the older ones, agreed to foster him. Franklin had so many things going against him; a severe heart murmur, a hernia the size of a grapefruit, and severe arthritis. Franklin also had so much going for him; love to give and a gentle nature for those around him. He will be missed.


Vette came into rescue from the Crist-Yoder shelter in Buchanan Dam in June of 2005 as Yvette. She was such a mess; matted, nails that grew back into her pads, a mass on her chest (turned out to be benign tumors), gaunt, difficulty walking and climbing, mostly deaf, and heartworm negative, Crist-Yoder had had to cut the mats from around her teeth. Jenn went to Marble Falls and picked her up. The little toot barked, or rather yip yip'd all the way into Austin. First she went to Barry, who changed her name to Vette, for fostering and a quick visit to the vet. She was later moved to Houston for testing on the tumor and to be spayed. No one could figure out how old she was, other than quite old. I drove her to Brenham and she yip yip'd all the way. Linda met me and the little one continued her serenade all the way to Houston. Houston's vet's did her surgery and biopsy showed the tumors to be benign, we were all surprised and relieved. The end of June she made the trip back to Austin to be fostered once again by Barry. She rode back in my lap and yip yip'd all the way from Houston to Bastrop. At PetAPalooza in August she stood at the front of our booth and yip yip'd at everyone who went by and didn't stop. She so enjoyed all the attention and petting she got that day. She stayed at Barry's until October when she came to my house. For the first weeks at my house she would stand and stare at me and give me her yip yip for hours. I spent a lot of time trying to find out what she wanted, and one day she stopped yipping. I don't know whether she felt she finally had me trained to do her bidding or if she finally felt like she was home. At Christmas time Jeff started calling her the Christmas puppy because she was so soft and sweet, he said she looked like a puppy on a Christmas card. In February we discovered a hot spot on her tush and had it checked out. In the process we found a mast cell tumor, more surgery for the little one. Fran's vet did the surgery and the same day of the surgery she was back at my house ruling the roost and ordering everyone around. For the next several months the hot rod ordered and tormented Winslow, stole his toys and left bite marks on his ears, and he just kept playing with her...being ever so gentle. She took her morning walks and yip yip'd at the guy down the street when he left for work in his pickup. We miss the little hot rod aka The Divine Princess, we miss her bright eyes when it was time to go outside, we miss her yip yip when the meals weren't fast enough, we miss watching her be-bop up the steps and the neighbor misses her chasing his truck in the morning. G'Bye Sweet Vette!


November 2005-July 5, 2006

In the short time Little Tucker was with us, he was a very special guest. He was such a little love and warmed my heart. Although he wasn’t ever a dog full of excitement or playfulness when he had that small burst of energy he resembled a little lamb jumping in a field. He loved to play his own little version of hide ‘n seek and when he wanted attention, he would stand by my side patiently waiting for his turn. He often just wanted to be held…….and loved. Of course, Bandit had quite a bit to say about that yet now that Tucker’s not with us, even he senses something is different. For such a small thing he fought very hard to get well yet his body just couldn’t do it. The past two weeks were especially hard on the little one and finally it was time to let go; I had to let go and help Little Tuck be in peace – at last.


Toby is a tri sheltie, anywhere from 6 to 8 years old. He was surrendered to the local shelter for euthanasia after being brought in as a stray. He's HW-, on preventative, and is up to date on all his vaccinations. Tommy is a very sweet and gentle soul who likes children and playing fetch. He recently had a dental and has been neutered. We've found that he may have some difficulty hearing but that in no way hampers him. He loves to play with toys and is a very easy going sheltie that greats everyone with a smile on his face.


Hemingway - Hemingway is a 15 inch 20 lb mahogany sable with partial white collar, and slightly tipped ears, about 10 years old. He has blossomed in his foster home and isn't as sad as he appears in the pictures taken right after he was rescued. He is a beautiful very sweet, very quiet, gentle boy and gets along with other dogs very well. He is crate trained, walks well on a leash, and perfectly housetrained. We've had his teeth cleaned, cleared up an ear infection and neutered him. He is UDT and fortunately HW-. He's ready to love some lucky person unconditionally. He quickly learned to use the doggie door, dispelling the notion that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Hemingway is a love sponge, giving kisses freely. He's not a barker, but he can bark. He was a big hit at the Reliant Dog Show and at the Pet-A Palooza. He's very low maintenance and high on love. This senior boy will make someone a special companion. He's ready to give all that he has to that special person. Adopted September 2004.


Penny - December, 2004. Penny was a sweet, elegant, and gentle 12 year old female who was rescued from an Austin area shelter. She was adopted into a loving home in time for the holidays, and she had a new sheltie sibling in her forever home. Sadly, Penny developed a problem with her kidneys and she crossed over shortly after finding her forever home. Penny will always be warmly remembered and loved by all who met her, as she was such a dignified and gentle lady.

Chester - June, 2004. Chester was a beautiful, sweet 12+yo mahogany sable boy turned into TLAC shelter in Austin. We brought him into our program in February. Chester was adopted, but several months later became gravely ill. He was brought him back into the program only to find he was dying from liver failure. Fran took care of him for a few days, giving him a warm, comforting bath and lots of love. Then she was with him in the clinic when the doctor helped him gently cross over. Fran says Chester was a wonderful boy who fought gallantly to live right to the end. She is grateful she was able to give him the love and attention he deserved and then able to be with him when he crossed over.
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