Sheltie Adoption Application

Austin Sheltie Rescue Sheltie Adoption Application
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Before applying to adopt, make sure to view our Available Shelties.


  1. Care of Our Rescues: Our dogs are adopted to loving homes that want a Sheltie for the intelligence, charm, and companionship they offer. As rescued Shelties, our dogs have already been through enough heartache in their lives. Dogs adopted from Austin Sheltie Rescue will not be used for animal research or experiments, breeding, attack training, or dog fighting; they will not be tied up or chained, confined exclusively outdoors, abused, neglected, given to another owner, or abandoned to the streets. Obedience training will be reward based; shock collars will never be used on our dogs. Austin Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to check on the status of our rescued Sheltie and to request updates, removing our rescued Sheltie if we discover these terms are violated by the adopter; there will be no refund of the donation.
  2. Return: The adopted dog may be returned to Austin Sheltie Rescue within two weeks of the date of adoption for a full refund of payment if the adopter is not satisfied with any aspect of the adoption. We will accept the return of our dog at any point in the dog’s life; however, after two weeks from the adoption date, no refund will be given.
  3. Transfer of Ownership: The adopted dog may not be transferred to any other person for any reason. If the undersigned adopter is forced to relinquish custody of the dog at any time, said dog will be relinquished only to Austin Sheltie Rescue Inc…
  4. Refund: There will be no refund or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the adopter for the adopted dog, even if it is returned to Austin Sheltie Rescue Inc…
  5. Health Program: The adopted dog will be cared for humanely, including adequate food, shelter, water, heartworm preventative, flea medication, vaccinations, and any other necessary veterinary care, and will be licensed in accordance with the laws in the jurisdiction in which he resides. The dog must be exercised in a fenced yard or on a leash and shall NOT BE FREE TO ROAM THE STREETS.
  6. Loss: If the adopted dog is lost or stolen, the adopter will notify Austin Sheltie Rescue immediately so we can use our resources to help locate the dog as soon as possible.
  7. Reservation of Rights: Austin Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to enforce this contract in order to protect the welfare of the adopted dog. It is understood that Austin Sheltie Rescue may examine and may make inquiries about the said dog at any time after adoption and will do so. We appreciate updates and photos of our adopted Shelties. If the terms and conditions of the Adoption Agreement are not upheld, Austin Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and to reclaim the dog; there will be no refund of the donation.  
  8. Liability: If the dog develops behavioral or severe health/medical problems in the new owner’s care, the adopter may return the dog to us but will not hold Austin Sheltie Rescue responsible for such sudden changes or expenses.
  9. Return Check Charge: There will be a $25.00 charge on all returned checks submitted by the adopter.  If the check is not covered, our Sheltie will be relinquished to Austin Sheltie Rescue
  10. Right of Refusal: To determine what is best for our dogs, Austin Sheltie Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application.

For the best match between sheltie and family and to protect our dogs, Austin Sheltie Rescue screens our applicants carefully through the application, checks with the veterinarian, and performs a home visit. If you are under age eighteen, a parent or guardian must complete and sign this application and must also want to adopt.  After carefully answering all of the questions below, please print the filled-in form for your records. Please allow 5 business days for us to get back to you. Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued sheltie.

Contact Information

Let us know how to get in touch with you. We do not adopt outside of Texas.
Privacy Note: The requested information is for the private use of Austin Sheltie Rescue and will never be made public.


Confirm that you have discussed rescuing a sheltie with others in your home.


Tell us about the sheltie you’re interested in and any Shelties you have/had.
Note: due to the popularity of Blue Merles, we do not see them often in rescue.
Note: due to the popularity of Blue Merles, we do not see them often in rescue.
The AKC Standard is 13″-16″ at the shoulder.

Other pets

Tell us about your history with pets.
Please let your clinic know we will be calling so they can release information to us.

By filling in this information, I hereby authorize the veterinarian named herein to release information about me or my pet(s) to Austin Sheltie Rescue as necessary to evaluate this application. In order for the application to be considered, the veterinary records for current resident pets must be complete and up to date; all resident dogs and cats must be vaccinated, and dogs must be on heartworm preventative. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Your household

For safety reasons, Austin Sheltie Rescue does not adopt to mobile/trailer home environments
The yard must be fenced.
Please explain.
Please explain.
If yes, please explain. If yes, are you willing to give Austin Sheltie Rescue the new address?

Caring for your sheltie

Austin Sheltie Rescue


This must be someone other than your veterinarian. Examples: groomers, dog trainers, rescue organizations, other pet owners.


By providing your full name above and the date below, you are agreeing.