Cassie – Crossed Sept 2017

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Cassie – Crossed Sept 2017

Cassie came to us several months ago from the local shelter.  She had been picked up as a stray several times and we were asked to take her after the last trip.  Cassie is about 11 years old, a bit overweight, up to date on all vaccination, heartworm negative, and on heartworm preventative.  She is about 17 inches tall and weighs around 65 pounds, she has a low thyroid and takes an inexpensive medication twice a day for this condition.  Cassie is a super sweet sheltie mix who is just looking for a quiet place to stay and enjoy life, she gets along well with other dogs and is happy living in a pack.

My ASR foster dog Cassie has passed to the rainbow bridge. I am one of the “Old Dog” ASR foster houses and I have had my share of old ASR dogs come through my front door over the years. Every ASR foster dog has done the same thing, as soon as I let them off leash, they run to find the best hiding spot in the house, only to come out for food, and eventually they join the other ASR dogs in my house. Cassie came through my front door, looked around, saw the black leather couch, jumped up and promptly took a nap, no hiding for Cassie, Cassie was home. Cassie was a creature of comfort, she always had the best spot to take a nap, was the first dog sticking her head in the bed to announce its breakfast time, and was very thoughtful to check all the other dog food bowls to make sure they were clean. Cassie has been struggling for weeks to lift herself to walk with her bad hips, and the vet thinks this finally resulted in a heart attack. So Cassie is at the rainbow bridge with the other ASR dogs, hopefully on a black leather couch taking a long overdue nap with no pain. Thank you ASR for letting me share my life with Cassie..

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