Adopted Shelties – 2004

Austin Sheltie Rescue Adopted Shelties Adopted Shelties – 2004

Missy (was CiCi) – This adorable little girl was picked up as a stray by Lago Vista Shelter near Austin. After she remained unclaimed, Austin Rescue pulled her and transported to HSS. Cici is about 8-10yo, a shaded S/W. Everyone who meets her describes Cici as very sweet, obedience and crate trained, loves to play with toys and fetch. She gets along well with other dogs and loves people. She is a wonderful girl who is now happily in her Austin forever home after she checked out as a healthy little girl ready for adoption.

Update: We adopted Missy in October 2004 after she was found wandering on Lake Travis. She is a beautiful small sheltie with quite a personality and she loves to ‘talk’! She gets along well with our two other shelties. We discovered that Missy knows tricks and loves to give ‘hugs’. She has turned out to be a wonderful dog and we just love her! Missy is a good example of a ‘senior’ dog who has lots of love to give and can bring much happiness to the right home!


Smokey – Smokey is a very sweet, mellow, yet playful, 6 year old sheltie, 17 to 18 inch blue merle with tipped ears. He is good with children of all ages. Smokey never meets a stranger. He is gentle with smaller dogs and gets along well with the other dogs in a multiple dog household. I suspect he would get along well with cats, but don’t know for sure. He does get along well with parrots. Smokey has had obedience training in the past, and is currently getting a refresher course. He sits and downs on command and walks well on a leash. Smokey has been neutered and is heartworm negative. He is up to date on all of his shots. He is somewhat overweight, but we are working on that. Adopted September 2004.

Update: We are traveling all the way to Alaska and we are now in Canada. And Smokey is with us. He likes going for a walk in a campground every day and he is very cheerful and happy. We are glad that he likes being in a car for a long time as we travel using our RV for 2 months. We are really lucky to have a dog like Smokey!


Emmitt – Emmitt is a wonderful little boy who is as full of personality as he is cute! He weighs 20 pounds and needs to take off about 2-3 pounds. Emmitt is great with other dogs, and he grew up with young children and cats. He loves to be in the same room as you at all times, loves to cuddle in your lap or on the couch next to you. Emmitt also prefers to sleep in bed with you. He does not know how to play any games that I have noticed, and has not gone near any of my dogs toys at all.

Emmitt loves to walk on the leash and go for car rides! I think he was very much loved by his prior family as he is not hand shy or timid. He has a gorgeous thick red sable coat and likes being brushed. Emmitt likes to be outside if you are, otherwise he comes right in. He is not food assertive, never has snapped for any reason. He does like to talk to you a lot as most shelties do, but will quiet down pretty fast. He does lots and lots of spins, like to try to herd you to his dinner and other cute sheltie traits. He would be a great member of any family! Adopted September 2004.

Update: Emmitt is here with us in Boerne, Texas. He has been the best dog we have ever had! (And we have had shelties before.) Emmitt still does his twirls and he has really attached himself to my husband (Steve). The whole family feels like he has been with us forever. Thank you for letting us adopt Emmitt.


Cherie – Cherie is a lively sheltie that was recently rescued from TLAC where she came in as a stray. She is a happy girl about 18 months old, weighs about 25 pounds and is about 15 or 16 inches tall. Cherie loves to take walks and wants everyone to know just how excited she is to be on a leash. She sometimes is a bit reserved with new faces but warms up quickly and shows her pleasure with a smile and a wag, actually lots of wags, of her tail. She thoroughly enjoys a good game of fetch or tug of war. Cherie gets along with other dogs, we aren’t sure about cats but she does know how to respect other’s space. She is spayed, HW-, UTD, and mostly housebroken. Cherie loves to swim, in fact that was the first thing she did when she got to her foster home. She ran out in the foster’s backyard, spotted the pool and SPLASH, plus she knew to swim directly to the steps for a safe exit. Cherie is a fast learner that is looking for that person or family that will truly enjoy her wonderful sheltie spirit. Adopted August 2004.

Update: Cherie has two new friends, kittens (brother and sister). They’re have fun running around the living room. She really enjoys vehicle rides and going to the country to bark at the deer and cows. She loves to chase her tennis ball and play tug-o-war with her rope. We go and get the paper every morning and she chases squirrels whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Patrick – Rescued from a local shelter, Patrick is a year old, sable and white sheltie with a shaved haircut. He has one brown eye and one blue one. Patrick is heartworm negative and up to date on shots. He weighs 11.5 pounds and could stand to gain a pound or two. He gets along well with other dogs and wants to be close to his human. While in foster care he will be neutered and further assessed as he is possibly hearing impaired. Patrick is a sweetie with a fun personality. He found his forever home at the Mason’s picnic in Houston, Texas.

Patrick was adopted June 2004.


Chancie – Chancie is an 11yo S/W girl with hypothyroidism (treated inexpensively with daily medication, just as for humans). She is 14″ but was overweight at almost 43.6# from evident poor nutrition, but she is quickly losing he weight and getting into shape. Both her foster homes in Austin and Houston find her totally adorable: very funny, loving, kissy and cuddly. In foster care, she is housetrained, fine in or out of the crate, quiet and polite, alert and interested in everything going on around her. She gets along great with other dogs and has proven to be charming and delightful: she likes to play chase through the house with a neighbor’s pup–granted, hers are ‘slow’ chases, but joyous just the same. When foster sister, Maddy plays with the ball, Chancie encourages her with an enthusiastic bark and trots along beside her. With people, she is warm and loving: will dance in excitement over treats and press close for petting and kisses; thoroughly enjoyed herself at the Highland Games. Chancie is an absolute angel, one of our sweetest Shelties, filled with love and devotion. She was adopted by a loving new mom who was undaunted by Chancie’s ‘senior’ status and wanted to give her all the love she deserves in her golden years.


Gibson (was Avalon) – came into rescue after he was abandoned at a vet’s boarding kennel in Austin. He is a sable and white with a full collar. Avalon is loving and very attentive and gets along well with other dogs. He stands around 13 or 14 inches and carries his 29 pounds very well. He is neutered and UTD on all his shots. He was born in January, 2001 and has spent most of his life living in an apartment. He is housebroken and crate friendly. Avalon loves long walks but pulls a bit on his leash, foster mom is working on that. Avalon is looking for his forever home. Are you his Camelot? Adopted March 2004.

Update: Gibson is doing so well! He quickly became part of the family and is a well-adjusted, happy dog. His favorite passtimes include going for walks in the park, playing with our cat, Layla, and fetching anything you’ll throw for him. This guy could play shortstop! Gibson likes to make sure his people are nearby so he follows us through the house, but he can handle being left at home alone when we go to work. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog and we’re so happy we decided to adopt!


Apollo is a lively, loving Sheltie with a smile a mile wide. A fast learner and always willing to please, Apollo warms your heart. He was born in March of 2003, weighs 17 pounds and stands about 16 inches high.  He gets along well with other dogs, loves people but would be a little too much for children under 8. He is UTD on all shots, is HW- and has been neutered.Apollo is like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going and going. An ideal home for him will provide daytime attention and an ample fenced-in yard for tireless running and playing with tennis balls. And if you are looking for an agility or flyball buddy, he’s your guy, he loves to jump and play fetch. He knows sit, stay, heel, shake, and come, and has also had some clicker training. Adopted Feb 2004.

Update: Apollo is an eccentric dog who probably needs a shrink, but my daughter worships him. He gets along well with my two collies when they don’t fight for space on the sofa or for our attention. You can’t close the door to the microwave without him doing circles. He goes crazy barking at reflections in glass windows and loves to try to jump up at my television screen. I have been amazed by the energy he still maintains at over 2 years old. I thought he would begin to slow down somewhat by now.


Robbie is an incredibly sweet, beautiful 6-7 year old Sheltie (neutered), with a very mellow, loving and affectionate personality. He gets along wonderfully with cats and does great with other dogs too.

Robbie’s overall health is very good. He’s got some arthritis-type symptoms that may have been caused by some old untreated injuries, however he is much less sore and moving a lot better since he started taking a daily anti-inflammatory and glucosamine supplements as recommended by our vet. Also, x-rays show his hips are fine and not dysplasic. This is a mellow boy who has come a long way and is now ready to bond with his forever family!

Robbie has been adopted by his foster family (Jan 2004).

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