Dottie – Crossed Jul 2017

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Dottie – Crossed Jul 2017

Dottie was a 13 year old female sheltie that was found on the side of a very busy highway in San Antonio. The finder tried to find the owner but was unsuccessful and asked us to take her. Dottie was a small girl with a sassy attitude, house trained and walked well on a leash. Dottie got along with other dogs and loved to snuggle.

Dottie, sweet Dottie left us on June 30,2017 with Beth holding her close. Dottie was a survivor, she was found wandering the streets of San Antonio in September 2016 and when she came in we were guessing she was around 13 years old…maybe older. She had her issues but she was strong and determined. This past week her age caught up with her and she started having seizures, each one worse than the one before. It was hard to believe she could pull out of them but she did, and acted like nothing had happened. Friday, they were coming one after another and we decided she had fought the good fight and it was time to let her run free and easy at the Bridge. Thank you Beth for the love and care you have given this sweet determined gal, she loved you for it. It’s not easy to love the seniors but it means so much to them.

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