Little Tucker

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Little Tucker
Little Tucker

November 2005-July 5, 2006

In the short time Little Tucker was with us, he was a very special guest. He was such a little love and warmed my heart. Although he wasn’t ever a dog full of excitement or playfulness when he had that small burst of energy he resembled a little lamb jumping in a field. He loved to play his own little version of hide ‘n seek and when he wanted attention, he would stand by my side patiently waiting for his turn. He often just wanted to be held…….and loved. Of course, Bandit had quite a bit to say about that yet now that Tucker’s not with us, even he senses something is different. For such a small thing he fought very hard to get well yet his body just couldn’t do it. The past two weeks were especially hard on the little one and finally it was time to let go; I had to let go and help Little Tuck be in peace – at last.

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