Party – Crossed Nov 2022

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Party – Crossed Nov 2022

In Memorial – November 2022

As Willie says…. ‘Turn out the lights, the Party’s over’. Our little Party left us in her sleep last night. She came visiting way back in August of 2012 and never left. One story was she was found wandering in a field in San Antonio and another was she was left at a groomers…who knows. She was a frightened and confused little mess when Jennifer Steede picked her up in San Antonio and brought her to Austin. Our vet guessed she was about 3 years old and a possible sheltie papillon mix. We quickly found out she was totally blind, no optic nerves, and had seizures (probably from a case of distemper). She quickly won my heart and the hearts of everyone and every dog she met, she had her routines (which changed often), insisted on napping between my leg and the arm of my chair and she didn’t mind sharing her spot or my lap with others. She was always a happy, loving gal and she will be missed. Run free my little Party Girl, you were my little ray of sunshine…always happy.

Special Sheltie – August 2012

Party is a little sheltie mix that came to us after she was left at the groomers…gee whiz, why would someone do that.  She’s about 2 or 3 years old, maybe 10 inches tall and she weighs 10 to 12 pounds soaking wet.  Party is up to date on all her vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative.  She has been spayed and is learning crate and house manners. Party is a special little girl as she is blind, the animal ophthalmologist  has checked her eyes and says she has never had an optic nerve in either eye.  Party finds her way around the house with relative ease, outside she listens for my voice and comes running when I call her.  She is a very quick student and loves to be held, snuggled, and loved on.

UPDATE:  Party had several visits and tests done with a neurologist after she started having seizures.  So far the seizures are under control with medication but we are not sure of this adorable little girl’s prognosis.

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