Chloe Cruz Nicholls

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Chloe Cruz Nicholls

In Memorial – November 2022

Chloe blessed our family for only a brief moment in time, but she left a legacy of fun and laughter with all of us.. She was full of energy and realized that whatever she decided to do that day, that her brothers, Scotty, Andrew, and Barnaby, would give her all the room that she needed to enjoy it. After a few days with her, we decided to turn off and put away our alarm clocks, as Chloe knew that all of us needed a 4 AM wakeup. Her other announcements became a standard: open the patio door, the garden gate, fill her outdoor water fountain, and the most important: I’m ready for my meals. We loved her so very much, and she left us far too soon. We believe that she is now doing her best to keep our other boys and girls on time and in line on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. We love you Chloe.

Adopted – July 2022

Chloe 3 came into our program after her owner passed away.  The family asked if we could give her a home.  Chloe is a 12 year old blue merle sheltie that was well-loved by her owner all her life, she is up to date and healthy.  When she got to Austin she settled into her foster home quickly and was spotted by one of our families that loves to open their home to the senior shelties. 

Adopted July 2022

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