Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Indy

Indy was picked up as a stray and taken to the local shelter. He was so frightened that he didn’t move for a day or two but then began taking treats from one of our rescuers. When the rescuer picked him up from the shelter, he was even more frightened by all the goings on and he panicked. Poor Indy was so matted that we thought he was a she (how embarassing) until the groomer went to work. Well, he’s been shaved, gotten up to date on all of his vaccinations, shown to be heartworm negative, been neutered and has had a dental. Indy is looking for a new home. He’s a little timid at first but is a silly little fellow that loves to go for rides in the car, visit stores where dogs are allowed and will do a couple of tricks. Indy also likes to take walks on a leash and is very courteous to others that he meets. Indy is about 7 years old, 12 inches tall and weighs 15 pounds. It’s hard to tell right now but Indy is a tri and his coat is growing really fast. Take a look at the picture of Indy when he was at the shelter, see below for links.

UPDATE We found that Indy is a sweet, silly fellow with some very unusual quirks. He loves to take walks and he does well on a leash as long as he is on the right side. He gets along well with other dogs but does not like to play or interact with the other dogs. He only allows petting or stroking on his terms. Indy is learning to trust the humans to have a gentle hand, and he is learning to be gentle with human hands. Indy has learned several tricks; like Sit, Down, Gimme 5/Shake. Indy is mostly housebroken on tile or wood floors, he will tell you when he needs to go outside. He does not like crates if the doors are closed.

MEMORIES The last year or so of his life Indy became Snoopy’s Wingman, a Biter Pilot. This was one of the personas Jeff, his foster dad, created for him. He flew missions in a spad, drank champagne with Snoopy, his motto was Bite the Bosch and checked the driveway and weather every morning before take-off. On August 14th, 2010, over 3 years after coming in to rescue, Indy was awarded his permanent wings. He will always be Snoopy’s Wingman and our little clown. Good Bye silly boy, you’ve given us lots of laughs…and we have given you so much love. He came in to rescue in January of 2007 and he’s been in our home since….Jeff nor I would have let him go. Can’t say he was a snuggler, can’t say he was a kisser, can say he wanted to be a phlebotomist, can say he was silly, can say we loved him.

Fly away Indy…watch over us.

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