Killer Bs

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Killer Bs

These sweet dogs came to us at two different times in our lives. Mz B, on the right, came to us when we decided to foster in honor of the first female Sheltie we owned. After her passing, it just seemed fitting that we do something to remember the love she shared with us. Mz B came in the late spring of 2007. She had heartworms and had been found while eating out of dumpsters. Needless to say, she learned fairly quickly how to eat from a bowl. We got her through the terrible treatment and by the end of that time, we couldn’t bring ourselves to say goodbye. So, she became a Smith.

BeauBeau, on the left, came in the late spring a couple of years later. He was so very sick when he came to rescue. He had a tick borne illness that was trying desperately to take him. I went by the animal hospital every day on my way home from work and held him. I knew after the first time I’d stopped to see him that he needed lots of prayers and love to survive. So, I commenced to giving him the love and praying for him. I think he was in the hospital for about 4 weeks when he got the all-clear to go into foster. I stepped right up for him. He still needed lots of love and prayers because in addition to all of the other horrible health issues he’d had, he also had heartworms. We brought him home on July 3, 2009. We had to get him healthy before he could go back for heartworm treatment. By the end of the summer, he had gained enough strength to handle the treatment. He became a Smith in October, 2009.

These two were quite a pair. Though from completely different lots in life, they bonded as if they were littermates. When BeauBeau got sick and passed earlier this year, I worried about Mz B. She began to wander aimlessly, as though she was looking for him. Not three months after he left us, she left us as well. Our hearts were heavy this year with the loss of these two. They gave us so many laughs and even a few tears over the time we had with them. But they will never leave our hearts, they will forever be the Smith Killer Bs

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