Roxie – Adopted November 2015

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Roxie – Adopted November 2015

Roxie (was Pippa & Peggy Sue ) – Adopted November 2015

With a very heavy heart, I wanted to let y’all know Roxie decided this morning (April 10, 2024) it was her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was in pain, but she got snuggles last night and was doted on this morning at the vet. She waited until we got home before deciding to pass. Roxie was on the rug she always laid on, and I was cuddling and petting her during her journey. The vet tech made a sweet comment saying Roxie wanted to make sure I made it to Phoenix before she crossed. I’m heartbroken, but she is no longer in pain and I know she’s prancing in the Rainbow Bridge meadow.

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