Gayle L

I am so greatful for this rescue group.  Sunne was my contact and she is very professional and very dedicated to this breed of dog.  I had to give my sheltie up- she was 9 years old when I received her and she had a quirky personality- I was hoping I could get closer to her and have bond  but after 7 months I did not see or feel a bond at all.  She was such a beautiful dog and her face was just precious!  I wanted to snuggle with her as I had with my previous dogs but she was very high strung and only wanted very limited contact.  I read up on this breed and it seems this trait kinda goes with this breed.  I know in my heart that after some work with this loving rescue group She may learn to be a little more giving.

I  appreciate the group taking Sophie because she is a precious dog and deserves a family that understands her better than I did.

From Yelp.

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