Karen P

I had a great experience adopting Poppi* from Austin Sheltie Rescue. I had recently lost a dog to an illness and Glenda and Sunne understood the trauma and joy that comes with the transition to a new pet. They were kind and patient with me, but also protective of Poppi. After a thorough interview and inspection of the property, Glenda brought Poppi to meet us. She has turned out to be a great dog and is exactly the right choice for us. I will always be grateful to Sunne for rescuing the dog from a hoarding situation, and to Glenda for fostering her.

* We didn’t love the name Poppi, and after she stole, ate, and threw up an old, rusty scouring pad, her name was changed to Brillo. She still gets excited every time she gets to visit her “treasured Aunt Glenda.”

Designation: Adopter