Bella (was Mariah)

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Bella (was Mariah)

In Memorial – May 2022

Bella (formerly known as Mariah) and her mother Sierra came into ASR from a backyard breeder with a puppy mill.   Bella was 4 years old and very shy when we adopted her in 2010.  At that time, we already had Taz.  Since he was a very independent dog and liked to do his own thing, Bella soon became my shadow. She followed me all over the house and slept right next to me in bed.  In 2014 we adopted Ellie and she and Bella quickly became good friends.  Ellie always watched out for Bella, especially as Bella got older.  Bella was 16 years old when she passed away in May 2022.  I still miss my sweet little girl every night since I expect her to be snuggling next to me in bed.

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