Austin Sheltie Rescue Special Shelties Casey

 Let’s welcome Casey to Austin Sheltie Rescue. He’s an owner surrender because she is unable to care for him anymore. Casey is a sable merle and is 9 years old. He’s neutered and a little nervous about the transition. But I’m sure he will settle in and be as happy and friendly as his previous owners describe. 

UPDATE – Casey is now up to date on all vaccinations, is back on heartworm preventive, and has had a dental.  He did lose many teeth when our vet went in to clean them, several were abscessed or had so much tarter they had to be removed.  He is healing well with lots of soft food.  Casey is about 16 inches tall and weighs 43 pounds.  His bloodwork indicates some unbalance in his kidney values, so we will be watching them close.

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