Shadow 5 – Adopted April 2023

Austin Sheltie Rescue Adopted Shelties Shadow 5 – Adopted April 2023
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Shadow 5 is an owner surrender from the San Marcos area. He is a year old bi-black that weighs 18 pounds and is about 15 inches tall.  He is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.  Shadow is heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention.  Shadow gets along great with other dogs and with cats, a recent visit to the dog park showed that he loves to run and play with others.  He knows some basic commands and is housetrained.  Shadow sometimes is very protective of ‘his’ human, his foster family is working on this issue.

Comments from his foster mom.  

He’s pretty protective of his person; he will growl and bark like a big dog, but when my daughter comes over to pet him, he just turns tail and runs.  If she’s there alone with him, he’s okay, doesn’t bark and he’ll come to her to put on his leash and go for a walk.  Outside, he’s in heaven!  If I  come home while he’s sitting with my daughter, he’ll bark at me too, but he doesn’t bite.  

He’s very curious of kids, but pretty skittish of fast movements, so I think he might be best with singles.  He’s GREAT with dogs and cats and I haven’t seen any food aggression. 

Shadow was adopted in April 2023. 

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  1. Hi. I have 2 rough collies – a 12 yo. and a just turned 2 yo that I adopted last March after an older collie of mine passed away. I’ve been thinking of getting him a friend closer to his own age. If Shadow would like to be in a pack, is ok with cats and kids, then we are very interested. I live in the Dallas area and work from home so I have the ability to ensure all get along. My 2 yo was VERY interested in the cats at first but has since chilled out. I’ve always had rough collies but as I get older myself, a smaller version sounds great!! Please let me know next steps if we sound like a possible match.

  2. My husband and I have recently retired and living on 2.5 acres in La Grange TX. We have a 14 year old Havenese that would like a playmate. We both have had Shelties in the past. In fact Shadow reminds me of my dog Trevor. My husband was actually involved in the Houston Sheltie Sanctuary for many years and was involved in over 100 rescues. We miss our sheltie pups and would love to adopt another.

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