Lizzie 2

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Lizzie 2

Jeff and I said Farewell to Lizzie today as she rode off into the sunset to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Lizzie came into rescue just about a year ago, no hair, rotten teeth, very poor health and probably 15 or more years old. She had been through some really bad times…but that came to an end when she came into ASR and moved into our house and our hearts. I called her Jeff’s little girlfriend because she took up with him immediately, when she wanted to go outside she would circle around in front of him. Come to think of it any time she wanted something she went to Jeff. She hasn’t eaten well in the last week and yesterday she said NO MORE. She was so weak this morning her back legs could not hold her up. Lizzie was a strong gal who did NOT like big black dogs. They were the only things she would bark at…the Greater Swiss, the Bernese, the Doberman….all caught her wrath. Bless you Miss Lizzie Beth, you blessed us with your presence and showed us your determination.

Lizzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 1, 2014.

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