Taz (was Jackie)

Austin Sheltie Rescue Rainbow Bridge Taz (was Jackie)

In Memorial – March 2023

Taz (formerly known as Jackie) was found wandering the streets of Harker Heights in early 2009 and was turned over to ASR.  We fostered Taz and then adopted him a few months later.  We quickly discovered that Taz already knew alot of commands and liked to learn new things.  Since he was appx 2 yrs of age, he had lots of energy so I signed him up for weekly Agility classes.  We both really enjoyed going to Agility class on Wednesday nights and we did this for many years. It was a great bonding experience for the two of us.  Taz was with us for 14 wonderful years and he was the smartest sheltie I have ever had. This sweet boy did not have one mean bone in his body……..during his lifetime he was never mean or aggressive towards any dog he met.  He served as a wonderful ambassador for ASR in many Meet & Greets.  There will never be another Taz.  The house is very different and quiet without our sweet boy.

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